Distinction hockey management is created during the year 2022-2023. It is in partnership with unlimited sports management, which has been working for more than a decade in the american sole and in europe, that they have taken the decision to unite to offer long and wide to all customers already active as well as for all new and future customers cutting-edge service.

The professional and friendly relationship between the 2 important hockey agencies will make sure to offer a complete service.

Distinction hockey management will serve quebec, american and european territory. The headquarters established in Las Vegas where hockey is upward, will also make sure to continue to well serve the territory of quebec and canada. A great team with a lot of experience will be present in the heart of quebecers. On american soil, the founder will be there to ensure to grow the company in order to be the leader in the middle.

Once again, it is in connection with unlimited sports management based in Florida, that the company will make sure to offer a quality pledge so that these young hockeyers find their winning recipes. “success”