Our Services


Whether at the amateur or professional level, we are committed to giving our athletes peace of mind and maximum protection with regards to their contractual situation.


It is important and crucial for us to offer our athletes increased follow-ups, whether it is during the regular season or during their summer training. We are committed to providing the necessary assistance in any situation, whether it is predictable or unpredictable. We offer a wide range of services and summer preparation, as well as our Mentorship Program tailored to each individual.


We work extremely hard to find financial support for our clients and their families. We use the most important platforms and social media to promote and cover all the news.


We use a Summary that we share with the teams of the different leagues. It is important to prepare our athletes for the ultimate step of the draft. We offer coaching and preparation for the interviews that will be done. We accompany the athlete and the family in this process from beginning to end.


It is with all my partners in Europe that we are open in almost every country. We will strive to make the experience enjoyable, where many athletes thought they were at a crossroads in their career.


We are fortunate to work and collaborate with the BEST Nutritionist, Naturopath in Quebec. Emilie Riendeau is an exceptional person, offering an unparalleled service, with the qualities and desire to make people at their best.


Year after year, especially since COVID 19, mental health has been a major concern for people. We are fortunate to have the experience and indescribable strengths of Fallone Jean. Fallone is by far one of the most successful coaches in her field and the fact that she has success and discipline at heart, helps our athletes raise their performance levels. An AMAZING life coach.


Annually we can help our athletes with video sessions to give them the necessary support. During the summer period we also use the video equipment to make any necessary corrections for the development of the athletes.


Every athlete is given the help they need no matter where they are in their career. Young and old alike receive sound advice from two of the largest banks in America. It’s a truly one-dimensional relationship between BMO and RBC that allows us to offer outstanding financial support.


When we need immigration advice in order to be legally recognized, the MC LAW GROUP, who are there with us and accompany us through the entire process. This facilitates enormously the steps to follow, versus the recognition of the laws.