Nicolas Landry Bergeron

Physical conditioning


Emilie Riendeau

Naturopath, Nutritionist

Emilie first started her career in alternative health with a degree in physical therapy at McGill University. However, she decided to pursue her studies in Naturopathy. It is her passion for food that guided her throughout her studies. As a CrossFit athlete herself, she places a lot of importance on recovery and sports nutrition. Her years in the naturopathic field have allowed her to become a pro at healthy and tasty food alternatives. She has no shortage of suggestions and alternatives for her clients. Her main objective is to help athletes and sports enthusiasts recover through nutrition and personalized nutraceutical support. Her good listening skills and biochemical knowledge allow her to find the missing link to optimize her clients’ results. Through teamwork between Emilie and her clients, she is able to develop an individualized naturopathic protocol that not only meets the needs of the client, but also respects the client’s busy schedule and level of motivation.

Fallone Jean

NLP Life Coach

Fallone is a professional coach with an NLP certification.

She specializes in high level entrepreneurs and athletes focusing on optimizing elite mindset strategies. With her deep understanding and knowledge of various NPL techniques, she successfully creates quick results allowing her clients to reach top performance in their discipline, as well as in their personal lives.

Lyne Larocque

specialist in Psychology, Hypnotherapist

I was born in 1978 in a little village near Drummondville. I always have been a sport woman, and I always develop myself in precision training and performances, then I can help to improve you as hockey player, or as human being. Since 1998, I have passionately studied the human mind, its functioning, its defense mechanisms, as well of the human relations, societies, the human body, and how to help the body maintain health, by naturally helping the body to regain his balance.

Before 2006, I worked as a Psychoeducator for public organizations in Quebec (CLSC, primary and secondary schools).  These places asked me to help the individual not as a whole, but in silos, and it’s not efficient! Then I decided to open my own clinic to help in a much better way, and to bring long-term results. I have a very rich background to help you get to your goals! My practice is established since 2006 as Hypnotherapist, Psy-therapist, Naturopath, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher. One of the tools I use as Naturopath is the essential oils Doterra for wich I am a wellness advocate.

My mission is to guide you to understand yourself better in order to be a Warrior in balance, ready to face the challenges of life! You can’t avoid storms, but you can learn to be stronger and manage them better and better. I act in the conscious, I reveal knowledge, tips and tricks for your overall development, as well as I do « inconscious surgery » to release blockage as Hypnotherapist. We are complex beings, and we need a specialized help. I will guide you to discover what you can improve to become more serene, balanced, full of vitality and motivation. The motivation is a fire that the person understand how to maintain!

For me, life is a training ground, an adventure filled with discoveries at every step, which can transform you positively, if that’s what you choose. I invite you to advance towards this path with openness, wonder and thirst to learn .

What I offer is a place for introspection. To learn how to change your perceptions, understand your unconscious defences and stop sabotaging ourself. You can stop being in this state of eternal dissatisfaction and Live! You can reach your Goal. If you choose it, I will guide you!

Irina Berezhnaya

Social Media Manager

Iryna was born in Ukraine in 1989 and moved to Las Vegas in 2022. She obtained Master’s degree in Translation from Kyiv National Linguistic University and has more than 9 years working as a translator, interpreter and content creator. Also, she has been working as a Learning Coordinator for international tech companies, turning complex educational requests into customer-oriented engaging solutions. At Distinction Hockey Management, her communication skills are aimed at bringing the world of hockey and its fans closer together.

“Social media platforms is the place where the audience learns about and interacts with businesses for the first time. I want to make sure such an interaction is of high standards, bringing our followers quality content, speedy news and safe space for communication”.